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Liaison Family Program

Our Liaison Family Program (LFP) connects police officers with families in the communities they serve. Liaison Families can provide support, friendship, community history, community events, area introductions, and anything else that will help our new police officers learn about their community.

Our community members have the chance to share their different, dynamic, diverse voices and play a vital role in shaping the future of our city. We help make face-to-face connections between people who wish to participate, based on mutual trust and respect.

Since March of 2018, our Liaison Families and our police officers have been building relationships that have translated into change at an individual level. When our public servants hear, learn, and understand the needs of their community members, they can become true leaders of a better city that promotes equity and compassion.

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how Can I become a liaison Family?

Does your community have an active Liaison Family Program? Contact us to find out! Currently, our most active program is in Portland/Metro in Oregon. Whether you are an individual, business, organization, police officer or agency, please let us know that you would like to learn more about our Liaison Family Program because we want to help start one in your community.

How does this work? We make introductions between people who want to participate, and we hope that they form real, authentic relationships through face-to-face interactions. It could take shape in the form of meals together, special events, hiking, coffee, BBQs, texting, phone conversations, emails, visits to the movie theater, travel to unique places, introduction to other people in your city, and sharing history that is important to the citizens of the community.

Contact (The) Amy Johnson 503.318.3582 or amy@facetofacepdx.org to learn more on how to engage in our program.
There is no commitment, just a conversation. Or, you can provide your contact information below.

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