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Face-to-Face Anti-Racism Pledge

  1. We will engage in anti-racist learning for our organization at all levels, including our volunteers. We will provide ongoing opportunities for anti-racist education at board meetings, committee meetings, volunteer trainings, and in our Liaison Family and Focus Group programs. As we hire staff, anti-racism learning will also be adopted in our hiring and on-boarding processes, in addition to everyday actions and work environment.
  2. We commit to open conflict and for allowing uncomfortable discussions regarding race. Specifically, when conflict arises either internally or externally, we will let it arise, acknowledge the conflict, allow space to be heard, and deal with the underlying issue. We will not allow hate-speech of any kind, and will instead encourage positive, productive, proactive conversations.
  3. We will invest in the Black-Indigenous-People-of-Color (BIPOC) community with our dollars. As part of our annual planning, and bi-monthly board meetings, the Board of Directors will determine appropriate BIPOC-run or BIPOC mission-centric non-profit organizations that we will make donations to on behalf of Face-to-Face Portland.
  4. We will increase board diversity. Face-to-Face Portland strives for diversity on our board of directors, constantly striving to include people of various nationalities, socioeconomic levels, educational attainment, veteran status, ethnicities, genders, sexual orientations, experiences, disability, age, religion, and race. We will continue our priority of seeking volunteers who are committed to our vision of Trust Between Police and All Communities; and we will continue our priority to include people of color so as to have their very important voice in our decision making.
  5. Our statement: "Committed to diversity, inclusion, equity, and anti-racism" will be included on our website and internal and external documents.
  6. We work constantly to create an organizational culture encouraging our volunteers and staff to bring forward any feelings of inequities that arise. Such potential inequities will be fully investigated.
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